Some firms say they practice energy law.  But while they may have a staff of generalist attorneys who represent banking clients one week and real estate clients the next, they rarely have the industry depth to quickly come up to speed whenever a natural resources business issue arises or a legal action is filed.

In order to meet your needs, their attorneys may need significant up-front time (at your expense) just to gain a cursory understanding of the current state of energy law and environmental regulations, not to mention the key legal precedents that could affect the outcome of your case.

At Beatty & Wozniak, our attorneys talk energy the minute you call.

We stay current on the energy and natural resources industry -- on regulatory issues that confront and define how you do business; recent agency and court rulings; measurement and pricing concerns; royalty and marketing issues; gathering and processing disputes; and changing public perceptions of energy and environmental needs and the best ways to meet those needs.

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