2020 Archive - Energy News Alerts

2016 Archive Energy News Alerts
2016 Archive Energy News Alerts
2016 Archive Energy News Alerts
October 13, 2020 Client Alert
BLM Usurped Clean Air Act Authority – Wyoming Federal District Court Vacates BLM’s 2016 Waste Prevention Rule - view
FS Proposed Rule Streamlines Development of Federal Oil and Gas Resources - view
August 5, 2020 Client Alert
FWS Proposed Definition of "Habitat" to Ensure Unoccupied Critical Habitat
is Actually Habitat - view
August 4, 2020 Client Alert
Duhig: The Colorado Way - view
Lake Sakakawea / Missouri River Decision - view
July 16, 2020 Client Alert
D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Orders EPA to Consider Expanding Colorado’s Ozone Nonattainment Area - view
July 8, 2020 Client Alert
New Mexico's Options for Operators Responding to Depressed Oil Prices - view
July 7, 2020 Client Alert
D.C. District Court Orders Shutdown of Dakota Access Pipeline - view
June 9, 2020 Client Alert
Presidential Executive Order Streamlines Federal Authorization For Infrastructure and Oil and Gas Projects - view
June  3, 2020 Client Alert
Need a Remote Notary? - view
What Operators Should Know About Judicial Foreclosure - view
Overriding Royalty Agreement Washout - view
May 11, 2020 Client Alert
May 11 Special COGCC Hearing - view
Introduction to Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota Mineral Liens - view
Colorado's Lien on Wells and Equipment - view
Wyoming Lien Statutes - view
Navigating Well and Pipeline Construction Liens in North Dakota - view
A Cautionary Note: NM Lease Loss due to Defective Notary - view
May 7, 2020 Client Alert
Introduction to New Mexico and Texas Mineral Liens - view
New Mexico's Statutory Mineral Liens: What Oil and Gas Companies
Need to Know - view
Texas Mineral Liens: What Oil and Gas Companies Need to Know - view
April 29, 2020 Client Alert
Clean Water Act Update: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and EPA Publish New WOTUS Definition - view
Bureau of Land Management Issues Interim Guidance for Royalty Rate Reduction and Lease Suspension Applications - view
Utah Forced Pooling – Formal Rule Publication and Comment Period - view
April 16, 2020 Client Alert
Another Adverse Pipeline Decision – Nationwide Injunction Issue Against U.S. Army Corps Nationwide Permit 12 - view
Delaware Chancery Court Denies a Shareholder's Request for the Company's Books and Records Based Upon An Improper Purpose - view
Seeking COVID-19 Regulatory Relief - view
New Mexico's Evolving Horizontal Well Rules Leave Many Open Questions - view
April 1, 2020 Client Alert
Colorado Court Rules State Pooling Order Negates Trespass - view
Adverse Decision Against the Dakota Access Pipeline - view
Surface Use Developments in New Mexico and Texas Law - view
Need a Notary? - view
March 2020 Client Alert
Stay-At-Home Orders and Expiring Permits; Extending the Life of Drilling Permits in a Crisis - view
How to Comply with Families First: Details on Companies’ New Duties under Recent Federal Legislation and Tax Credits - view

Oil & Gas Industry Seeks COVID-19 Regulatory Relief

  • COVID-19 Implications for EPA's Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Program - view

  • EPA Letter 03/20/20​ - view

  • Request for Pause on Environmental Regulatory and Policy Work - view

COGCC Announces Approval of Noble Energy's Comprehensive Drilling Plan - view

February 2020 Client Alert
Proposed MBTA Rule Seeks to Provide Regulatory Certainty for Industry - view