Federal Lands &


 Administrative and State Cases

Mustang Creek Holdings LLC v. Triple Crown Ranch, Case No. 13-cv-33, Elbert County District Court.  Represented oil and gas company in action for surface use and access regarding geophysical seismic survey.  Successfully obtained a temporary restraining order and favorable ruling on Motion for Summary Judgment.


IBLA Cases representing BLM Decisions related to the issuance of oil and gas leases, protests to leasing decisions, BLM decisions to terminate federal oil and gas leases:


Bill Barrett Corporation, IBLA Nos. 2007-193, 2009-1, 2009-135.  Challenge to BLM oil and gas leasing decisions granting environmentalist protests to BLM Utah lease sales.


Bill Barrett Corporation, IBLA No. 2011-48. Center for Native Ecosystems, 174 IBLA 361 (2009).  Defended BLM decision to deny protest to Colorado BLM lease sales. Colorado Environmental Coalition, 173 IBLA 362 (2008).


Dejour Energy (USA) Corp., IBLA No. 2010-175.  Challenge to BLM decision to retroactively amend the terms of an existing oil and gas lease by applying a no surface occupancy lease stipulation. 


Energy Equity Company, IBLA 2012-73.  Challenging a BLM decision to terminate an oil and gas lease in Wyoming.


Hawkwood Energy Agent Corp. and Venture Energy, LLC, IBLA Nos. 2014-212, 2014-124.  Challenging BLM Nevada decision rejecting leases. 


IMC Kalium Carlsbad, Inc., 170 IBLA 25 (2006).  Challenge to 1986 Secretarial Order and specific application for permit to drill in the designated area in Southeastern New Mexico for concurrent development of oil and gas and potash. 


Presco Energy, Inc., 183 IBLA 154 (2013).  Challenge to BLM Nevada decision terminating geothermal lease in existing geothermal unit.


Robert L. Bayless Producer, 177 IBLA 83 (2009).  Challenge to BLM Utah decision withdrawing oil and gas lease parcels after the lease sale.


Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, IBLA No. 2012-105.


Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, IBLA No. 2011-244.


Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, IBLA No. 2015-07.  Challenge to BLM decision granting suspension of operation and production to federal oil and gas leases.


Western Energy Alliance and S. Castle Valley Holdings LLC, IBLA No. 2014-0067. Challenging BLM decision to defer lease parcels from a BLM Utah oil and gas lease sale.