2014 Archive - Energy News Alerts

2014 Archive Energy News Alerts
December 2014 
  • COGCC Update: Penalty & Enforcement Rulemaking - view

  • Congress Delays Greater Sage-Grouse Listing Decision - view

  • Key Issues Confronting Industry in Federal Oil and Gas Leasing and Permitting. A Series-Topic 1: BLM Discretion to Lease- view

  • Utah Court Closes the Door on Regulation of Threatened Species on Private Lands - view

September 2014 
  • Purchases of Gas Gathering Pipeline in an Enterprise Zone--Exempt from Colorado Sales Tax - view

  • The Tenth Circuit Finds that Federal Unitization Enables Broad Surface Access to Promote Efficient Unit Development and to Reduce Unnecessary Surface Use - view

  • EPA releases Final Policy Assessment Report on Ozone - Staff Support Lowering the Standard to a Range Between .060 and .070 ppm.- view

2014 Archive Energy News Alerts
2014 Archive Energy News Alerts
August 2014 
  • What Will Greenhouse Gas Emission Limits Mean for the Oil and Gas Industry? - view

  • Are Colorado's Experimental Court Rules Snake Oil or Strong Medicine? - view

  • U.S. FWS Proposes Credit Program for Voluntary Conservation of At-Risk Species- view

  • Toxic Tort Litigation and the Propriety of Lone Pine Modified Case Management Orders - view

  • Texas Jury Finds a "Common Law Partnership," Court Orders Costly Divorce - view


June 2014 
  • Chicken Little and the Falling Sky: One Settlement Equals Four New Lawsuits - view

  • COGCC Update: Policy on the Use of Modular Large Volume Tanks in Colorado - view

  • U.S. Forest Service Proposes Directive on Groundwater Resource Management- view

  • ONRR's Proposed Revision to Civil Penalty Regulations - view

  • Supreme Court Rebuffs EPA's Expansion of its Permitting Authority - view


2014 Archive Energy News Alerts
May 2014 
  • City of Longmont Litigation Update - view

  • FWS Proposes to Expand its Critical Habitat Designation Authority - view

  • Landmen Beware! When you cross state lines, interpretations vary! - view

  • Federal Judge Upholds Colorado’s RPS Standards; Further Challenges Loom - view

  • EPA is Considering Fracking Chemical Disclosure Rule Options under TSCA - view