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2016 Archive – Energy News Alerts

January 2016

  • COGCC Adopts Rules Regulating Collaboration Between Operators and Local Governments – view
  • BLM Releases Proposal on New Venting and Flaring Regulations – view
  • Designation and Regulation – An Alternate Endangered Species Act Strategy – view
  • IBLA Halts BLM Attempt to Beef Up Net Revenue – view
  • COGCC Issues Significant Decision Thwarting End-Run Around Non-Consent Penalties – view

February 2016

  • WOGCC Adopts New Venting and Flaring Requirements – view
  • Critical Habitat Rules Expand FWS Reach over Public and Private Habitat – view
  • Key Issues Confronting Industry in Federal Oil and Gas Leasing and Permitting – A Series Topic 7: Lease Reinstatements – view

March 2016

  • Cover-All Provisions in Mineral Deeds and Lease Assignments – view
  • We say again—“Seller Beware”… Another chapter in the case of Pennaco Energy – view

April 2016

  • Anti-Oil and Gas Initiatives Move Forward – view
  • COGCC and WOGCC Regulatory Update: GWA Rules Questioned, Noise Rulemaking Tabled, and APD Objections Scrutinized – view
  • Dedication-of-Production Clauses in Gathering and Processing Agreements May Not Be Enforceable in Bankruptcy Court – view

May 2016

  • EPA’s Next Round of Methane Regulations – view

June 2016

  • BP America: the Legislative and Practical Aftermath – view
  • EPA Targets DJ Basin In Next Round Of Inspections – view
  • One of BLM’s Numerous Regulatory Actions Halted as Federal Court Invalidates Fracking Rule – view

October 2016

  • BLM Releases Instruction on Prioritizing Development in Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat – view
  • Uncertainty of Reasonability: The Impact of Recent Judicial Decisions on Agency Deference – view

November 2016

  • Are You Paying Ad Valorem Taxes to the Sand Hills Metropolitan District When They Have No Legal Right to Assess and Collect Them? – view
  • Federal court orders FWS to implement further protections for Uinta shale wildflowers – view