Renewable Energy and Electric Transmission

Our Expertise
Beatty & Wozniak has over 30 energy attorneys, licensed to practice in jurisdictions throughout the United States including Texas, Washington D.C., Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, Utah, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and North Dakota.
Together they have extensive experience in all aspects of siting and permitting for large scale infrastructure projects involving rights-of-way, land access, condemnations, surface use agreements, surface owner dispute resolution, and representation of clients with large scale infrastructure development and construction projects before state and federal agencies, commissions, and quasi-governmental entities.
Beatty & Wozniak's attorneys are intimately familiar with transmission issues in the Rocky Mountain region.  Our attorneys practice before state level commissions and are experienced in addressing challenges to the current statutory and regulatory structures that impede development of transmission facilities. 
Acquisition and Siting
Our Team has extensive experience in acquiring surface access for infrastructure projects, conducting title due diligence, and drafting and negotiating real estate purchase and sale agreements.  We have experience working with surface owners, local governments and state and federal agencies.
Permitting and major infrastructure can involve a panoply of local state and federal agencies and laws.  We have a cumulative one-hundred years of experience negotiating local state and federal statutes and regulations that can be barriers to permitting.  We have developed strong relationships with regulators at all levels of government to ensure successful negotiations.
Government Affairs and Legislation
Bringing an infrastructure project to a successful conclusion often requires proactive outreach to legislators at the state and federal level.  We recognize the necessity of working with local communities at the outset to anticipate issues and prevent insurmountable problems.  Our Team has experience in everything from legislative hearings to drafting legislation to working with citizen groups and state and local leadership to achieve buy-in at all levels.
Strategic Advice
Every infrastructure project is complicated in its own way, from local opposition to surface and easement acquisition to changing laws and regulations.  We have the expertise to guide your company through the maze of issues to a successful conclusion.
Our Team has the skillset to get your project through a myriad of contractual matters, from purchase and sale agreements, local surface use agreements, Master Service Agreements, and supply chain agreements to ensure your project is able to move forward.
Beatty & Wozniak has offices in Denver, Colorado; Houston, Texas; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Casper, Wyoming; and Salt Lake City, Utah.